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Oral Health

By drwilliam73004952, Mar 11 2017 07:03PM

Your oral health is important to you and us! It affects so many things in your life- how and what you can eat, how well you can speak and even how you socialize with others (think bad breath).

It is important that you visit Dr. Bohrod’s office regularly for hygiene visits. Quarterly visits are highly recommended. It is important that you:

• Keep your mouth clean between visits- brush and floss at least twice a day.

• Watch what you eat- limit processed foods and sugars.

• Avoid tobacco products.

• Check your mouth regularly; bad breath, sensitive gums, and/or red, shiny, sore, swollen gums are symptoms that should be reported to Dr. Bohrod.

Oral problems can be a sign of something more serious. Dr. Bohrod will screen you for oral cancers and other issues during each visit. He will look for signs such as:

• Small lumps or thickened areas

• Red or white patches

• Ask you about feeling tingling or numbness

• Bleeding with no obvious cause

• Sores that don’t heal

By visiting Dr. Bohrod on a regular basis, early detection can lead to early treatment. Call Debbie at 973-379-7300 to schedule your appointment.

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