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National Children's Dental Health Month

By drwilliam73004952, Feb 1 2017 02:13PM

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Each week in February, we will be posting information for those with a baby, toddler or adolescent child, hopefully answering any questions you might have regarding their dental care.

Children’s teeth are meant to last for their entire life, and a healthy smile is important to a child’s self- esteem. With proper care, a balanced diet and regular dental visits, their teeth can remain healthy and strong.

The American Dental Association is focusing on the message “I love tap water”, which imparts the message that water is a better choice of beverage rather than sugar sweetened drinks. If the tap water in your community is fluoridated, then your child has the “added benefit of drinking water that helps prevent tooth decay”.

Patients with young children often ask:

1. “When should my child have his/her first dental visit?” Parents should schedule an appointment to bring their child into my office as soon as the child can observe and learn. Each child is different, but this is usually after the first tooth. Young children can learn by observing parents, or older siblings. We work hard to make that first visit and subsequent visits stress free, fun, informative and caring. The child is encouraged to sit in the dental chair with the parent, where we can examine your child’s mouth, teach how to clean the teeth and talk about thumb sucking.

2. “What are the ways to prevent early childhood caries (cavities)?” Good diet, proper habits and oral care are ways to prevent childhood caries. Try to limit your child’s consumption of soda, candy, cookies, pastries, sweet fruit drinks and junk food. These types of foods lead to tooth decay. Good dental health starts with plenty of water, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean protein, low fat and fat free dairy foods while limiting in-between meal snacks. Brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, floss and visit my office at least twice a year for hygiene. For new born babies, wipe the gums with a clean gauze pad or washcloth.

Good habits need to be started early. As a team, we can teach your child the benefits of good dental health.

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